Are you overwhelmed by email?  Mail Minder can help.

When email first came on the scene it was a brilliant new way to communicate. Quick and informative, for a few years it gave us a tactical advantage, but then it was discovered by spammers, scammers, Nigerian Princes, and a myriad of others.  Our mailboxes exploded. It is increasingly difficult to find that message from an important client without obsessively checking your email every few minutes. Mail Minder will help you with that problem by sending you a push notification when email that YOU care about arrives. It's easy to set up, and easy to 'pause' during times you don't want notifications. Here's all you need to do:

  • First define where your email is stored (the Sources).  This could be your email account at Gmail, Yahoo, your company mail server, or your independent ISP account.  Tell Mail Minder the server name, account name, and password to access the mailbox.
  • Next tell the app what you're watching for (the Minders).  Two examples: email from a specific person, such as; or email with a keyword in the subject, such as "Book club".
  • That's it!  The next time you get email matching the condition, you'll get a push notification on your iPhone or iPad.  In the app, check the Alerts page to see what notifications have come for you.

Even the hyper-vigilant need to sleep occasionally.  You can set "Quiet Time" when you just don't want to be bothered by email. When Quiet Time ends, the Mail Minder server will check your email account and send you notifications for any email that came in while you were out.